Selasa, 04 Oktober 2016

Model 2016 straight hair you should Try

Has straight hair that is silky and shiny is the dream of many women, especially if supported by model and style that fits you, will surely make the appearance look increasingly fascinating. The model is very easy straight hair styled and also not need care that is difficult, so many women are so fond of this haircut.

There are so many models and styles for straight hair you can try, but most of the women are very fond of long straight hairstyles with bangs, bangs either front or sidebangs. Because with a little touch of bangs, will give the impression of a cute and charming, graceful and elegant at the same time in one time. And below we have collected 18 straight hairstyles that you can try to improve your appearance.

Minggu, 02 Oktober 2016

Model selection Best Hairstyles for Men

Not only woman who likes to be creative with hair model but adam was no less creative in making the haircut. Model men's hair had begun to develop. This type of model did not lose a lot of hair haircut lady. The latest models of men's hair became a very important thing for men - men because they affect the appearance factor. Haircut that fits will make you become unsightly by others. Your appearance also serves attractive.

In choosing hairstyles, besides selecting the right hair, the other thing to note is the taste. Choose a hairstyle that fits your face and to your taste. Because haircut fit, if not fit the tastes of no use. Likewise hairstyle according to taste, but do not fit will give bad impression on your appearance.

In choosing hairstyles ata many things that must be considered. One of these was the shape of the head or face. In this world, of course, the head shape each person is different - different. Kind of - kind man face shape is the face of the box shape, face shape oval or oblong and round face shape. Each type of hairstyle can only perform optimally when used on a particular face shape. But there is also a haircut that is flexible and can be used in all of your face shape.

Face shape above is the general shape of the face that is owned by someone. While the shape of the face that rarely dimilik people is a form of triangular face and diamond face. This face shape is very rarely encountered in daily life - today.

In making models of men's hair, we would never be separated with wax or hair gel. Material - the material above is the key ingredient needed to make a model of your hair. The above material itself has many types.

Jumat, 30 September 2016

Brown hair color is the latest and most popular 2016

Caring for hair that is very important for women, whether berhijab or not. Because dihapan look beautiful couple were very important. Certainly we will welcome couples linger at home staring at us minial or throughout the day. Well, one touch of caring for hair is with mewarnainya. For women: Indonesia, hair color is black by default, but it turns out that brown hair color can also make an appearance more beautiful.

There are many options in the brown hair color itself, there is a golden brown, reddish, Brown, blackish caramel coffee and so on. Now roughly what kind of brown color would you choose? You are certainly a bit confusion isn't it?

Model Hair Color Brown

Well, here's the inimodel share some brown hair color that you can use as references:

First hair color is brown caramel. This is the hair color transition between the color Brown, blonde and very pretty and sexy look. With this hair color you will look calmer, but it is kind of hard to mewarnainya. Game color is very prominent, so not everyone can mewarna this type of hair, only professionals can produce hair color caramel brown.